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It’s important to correct crooked teeth. Why? The benefits are endless!

Crooked and crowded teeth are hard to take care of and clean, which may lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and possibly tooth loss. Bad bites can also cause difficulty in speaking and chewing; cause abnormal wear on tooth surfaces; and lead to problems with bones, jaw joints, and gum tissue. Correcting these problems can make your mouth healthier and give you a great smile.

In addition, crooked teeth can also affect your child’s self esteem. Your child may grow up feeling bad about his or her smile and hide behind frowns, clinched lips, and “shielding” hands. Correcting a smile may give your child a boost of confidence!

An attractive smile is an important form of communication and social interaction, also. A nice-looking smile is a social asset during the formative school years—and later in the future workplace.

Minh Khai Dental Clinic developed an Orthodontic center with the support of Orthodontic Professor from the Dental University Paris VII  and a group of 10 Orthodontic specialists from France, and USA.

Teeth Whitening

What’s the secret a million smiling people share? Dazzling smile results in about an hour!

Everyone’s teeth are different. Depending on the level of discoloration of your teeth, our dentists may recommend a suitable method for your whitening treatment – professional strength in-office or at home teeth whitening.

We use Opalescence products of Ultradent USA and White-Smile of Germany. They are safe, professional procedure that helps you achieve an average of eight eight shades whiter, fast, long-lasting results, clinically proven to be safe and effective.

Whether your smile has been dimmed by the natural aging process, tobacco, tea or coffee, you can walk out of Minh Khai Dental Clinic with a dazzling whitening teeth just after about an hour.

Teeth whitening technology with the Opalesence system combines tray-based whitening in clinic and at home, which will safely lighten the color of your teeth and give you a brighter smile. Especially with the White Smile teeth whitening technology from Germany, the dentist will make an impression of your teeth after only one hour at our clinic.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental crown plays an important part in modern dentistry, which is not limited to repairing loss tooth, cracked tooth, it can perform better esthetic appearance for misshapen teeth…

Dental crowns are designed for:

  • Dental full ceramic crowns/ bridges for esthetic purpose
  • Porcelain veneers for incisors to correct appearance of teeth which are too small, too short, misaligned, misshapen teeth or heavily stained
  • Help lengthen short teeth, bring back attractive smile
  • Partial crowns (inlays/ onlays) are esthetically pleasing. They are made to match a tooth’s natural color

Dental Implantation

Many researches on dental implantation have been carried out, which reveal that dental implants have remarkable clinical success.

Dental implantation have proven themselves as sufficient replacements for missing teeth without damaging ajacent teeth. It also allows you to be free from annoyance and discomfort when wearing removable dentures.

Success of dental implant procedure depends mainly on experience in examination, diagnosis and treatment plan of doctors, in association with quality of the Implant.

BIOMET 3i used at Minh Khai Dental clinic rank among the most advanced implants. It is widely utilized by many reputed Implant experts as well as professors from Universities of Dentistry.

At Minh Khai, dental Implant procedures are operated by the foreign expert – who has successfully executed more than 3000 dental implant cases, with support of Vietnamese doctor team well-trained by the foreign expert.

Root Canal Treatment

Dental pulp is regarded as “heart” of a tooth, which performs nutritive, sensory, protective and formative function.

There are many causes responsible for infected tooth nerve, such as severe tooth decay, tooth trauma or tooth with cavity left untreated for long time causes bacteria to attack deeply inside the tooth.

When pulp is damaged, it breaks down, and bacteria begin to multiply within the pulp chamber. The bacteria and other dying pulp remnants can cause an infection or abscess tooth, leading to swelling that may spread to other areas of the face, neck, or head; bone loss around the tip of the root; drainage problems extending outward from the root.

Come to Minh Khai Dental Clinic for careful checkup as soon as possible if your teeth have these signs: cavity in the tooth, prolonged pain, abnormal tooth discoloration… Timely root canal treatment can save your teeth.

Dr. Philippe Guettier – Endodontist – Founder of Minh Khai Dental Clinic

Dr. Philipe Guettier – Endodontist – lectures regularly and has presented in over 250 lectures on cosmetic dentistry and endodontics topics in Congresses and at Dental Schools, before audiences of specialists and general dental groups, in more than 35 countries.

At Minh Khai Dental Clinic, doctor team is regularly trained with updated technique by Dr. Philippe Guettier –known as Minh Khai Dental Clinic founder.

Dr. Philippe Guettier graduated in Medicine at the University of Paris VII in 1984 and specialized in Dentistry at Garancière Paris VII Dental School, in 1988.

Since 1995, Dr Guettier has also been continuously involved as a consultant in the research and development of new endodontic products for leading dental manufacturers. His main interest is the research of innovations to simplify and improve endodontic treatment of general dentists in their day to day practices.

Professional Dental Cleaning

The fact that tartar/ calculus build-up on your teeth prevent you from proper oral hygiene practice is considered to be main cause of bad breath.

Bacteria in calculus irritates your gum, causing periodontal (gum) diseases. In the initial phase of the disease: Gingivitis, first symptoms can be listed as swollen, easily bleeding gums… if left untreated, disease can develop to periodontitis with serious signs: pus between teeth and gums, receding gums, loosen teeth,… Finally, tooth loss is the unavoidable consequence.

Proper private oral hygiene is good, but not enough. Brushing your teeth regularly or flossing your teeth twice a day cannot remove the hardened accumulated calculus. Periodic scaling every 6 months is a professional effective solution to remove calculus between your teeth and under gum pocket.

Minh Khai Dental Clinic uses the new and exclusive technique scaler Pizeon, Air-Flow Master and Air-Flow Powder PLUS, which are all imported directly from Switzerland. The powder measure only 14 microns (6 times smaller than conventional Air-Flow powder) for optimal polishing of your teeth. This method takes less time and causes no pain as traditional polishing. It can be used supragingivally to remove biofilm, stains and polish the teeth. It can also be applied under your gum to remove biofilm even from the deepest periodontal pockets.