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Dental Crown Procedure

To do dental crown, several steps are involved, and at least two dental visits are generally needed to complete the treatment.

Step 1: Before tooth preparation, the tooth must be healthy or properly treated. If there is inflammation or infection in the roots of a tooth, root canal treatment may be involved





Step 2: Tooth preparation: a specific operation that involves the permanent removal of certain outer portion of original dental structure to fit the crown.

The tooth must preserve enough structure to provide the necessary support for the future prosthetic restoration. If additional tooth structure is needed, a core buildup is required.


Step 3: An impression of prepared tooth is made and sent to Minh Khai’s own laboratory for the fabrication of the customized crown

If a crown is placed on front tooth, tooth-colored materials, such as porcelain or tooth-colored resin are used aesthetically. Dentist will help you to judge what shade of ceramic most closely matches your tooth’s neighboring natural teeth.

Step 4: A temporary crown is placed with “temporary” cement during the time you wait for the permanent crown to be ready – around 2 weeks.

Step 5: Minh Khai’s own laboratory technicians then use the impression to fabricate the crown. Some steps involve hand-crafting with meticulous care, while the others associate with 3D manufacturing. All steps request perfect precision.

Step 6: After finished, the customized crown is sent back to the dentist. In the second appointment, the dentist will try the permanent crown on the prepared tooth, then make the necessary adjustments. When the dentist is satisfied with the fit of the crown, the crown is cemented in place

Specific post-operative instructions will be given in order to ensure that your new crown is taken good care of and long-lasting.