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Before and after pictures – with early orthodontic treatment

Functional Therapy & Early Orthodontic Treatment makes later treatment much less complicated. This early treatment aimed to prevent or intercept more serious problems.Delivered between the ages of 7 and 10 ( for some case like crossbite it is even better to see the child earlier at 5 years old), treatment typically lasts between 10 and 18 months. 

Some cases with early orthodontic treatment


răng hô răng hô                        chỉnh răng hô  chỉnh răng hô

Before ortho treatment                             After ortho treatment

Deep bite

cắn sâu                              

Before ortho treatment                                                    After ortho treatment

Cross bite

răng mómchỉnh răng móm

                Before ortho treatment                After 3 month ortho treatment

Crowded teeth

chỉnh răng chen chúc răng chen chúc

Before ortho treatment               After ortho treatment

Spacing teeth

rang htua

Open bite

răng cắn hởchỉnh răng cắn hở

Before ortho treatment            After ortho treatment

Wrong position 

răng mọc sai vị trí

Double teeth
  răng đôi và thiếu răng