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What is Dental Implant?

Dental implant is considered to be the greatest breakthrough in dentistry replacing loss teeth. Thanks to dental implant, missing teeth is no more “nightmare” to people.

Dental implant may be a good option no matter how many teeth you lose. Dental implants are metal posts or frames made of titanium that are positioned into the jawbone through surgery. Once integrated in jawbone, a tooth-shape crown is placed on to recover both function and appearance of missing tooth.

Titanium material is credited to its excellent biocompatibility, which is also used in groin repair surgery

Dental Implant applications

Implantation in dentistry is placing a fixed implant which looks like a screw of cylinder into the jawbone to make artificial roots of the teeth. These implants are anchor for dental restoration crowns, bridges, full-jaw dentures or partial dentures.

Dental implant can be solution to replace single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth or even all loss teeth if severe decay, gum disease, aging, or trauma unfortunately occur.

Single tooth replacement

In case of single tooth loss, dental implant with an implant fixed into your jaw holding the replacement prosthesis in place is much better than a dental bridge which requires  removing a portion of neighboring teeth to make anchor.




Multiple teeth replacement

Unfortunately, you lose some of your teeth, but wearing removable partial denture really gets on your nerve. A solution of anchor implants placed in jawbone, attaching multiple teeth dental prosthesis (ex: a dental bridge or partial dentures) will benefit you. Due to the function and appearance mimic the natural teeth, you will never have difficulty in eating, smiling, or talking.







Implant Supported Overdenture

When you lose all of your teeth, traditional method is to wear removable full-jaw dentures. Modern dental implant allows several implants to be fixed in jawbone to support the full-jaw denture stably. Fear of denture falling out or difficulty in speaking and eating will not let you down anymore. In addition, less bone loss occurs, compared to removable dentures.