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Replacing missing tooth: Dental Bridge or Dental Implant?

Dental bridge or dental implant?
Losing 1 tooth or multiple teeth does not only simply leave a gap in your smile, but also cause you to suffer the uncomfort when eating and inferiority when communicating. To restore loss teeth, the most concerned question is “Should I choose dental bridge or dental implant?” Weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of these two methods will help you figure out your best answer.
Minh Khai received a question from a patient: “I am 32 years old. I had had a trauma and lost some of my teeth. I was checked up by a dentist and he consulted me 2 choice to restore my teeth: dental bridge or implant. I need your advice to know which one is better? Should I choose dental implant?”
According to your share about your dental status, teeth restoration is a must because teeth loss can affect your mouth structure in long time. Teeth loss left untreated for a long time can cause bone loss and other teeth collapsion.
 Both dental bridge and dental implant are popular methods to replace missing teeth. Consideration on strength and weakness of these two ways, combined with your need and your affordability, will help you find out your best solution.
Dental bridge is a fixed dental prosthesis made of at least three crowns connected together to fill the space of missing tooth. To keep the bridge in place, the adjacent teeth are filed down from original size – known as natural abutment teeth. Because this dentistry method involves support of the neighboring teeth, it is only possible if the abutment teeth are strong enough to hold the bridge in place.
Dental implant is modern missing-tooth replacement procedure involving surgery to place one or more titanium screws to make anchors for dental prostheses. Implant surgery can be indicated in almost all cases of missing-tooth (single or multiple missing teeth) due to its high success rate of nearly 98%
  Dental bridge Implant
  • Less costly than dental Implant
  • Recover in short time
  • Only 2-3 appointments to finish treatment
  • High level of aesthetic
  • Implant structure mimics natural tooth structure → function and appearance similar to natural teeth
  • Preserve jawbone
  • No impact on neighboring teeth
  • Long-lasting, even last a lifetime, durable
  • High level of aesthetic
  • Adjacent teeth must be filed down to accommodate the bridge
  • Unable to prevent bone loss in future
  • Costly

Whichever procedure you choose, keeping oral hygiene carefully is the key factor to increase your prosthesis’ longevity and maintain its performance. After weighing up all advantages and disadvantages of these 2 teeth replacing procedure, dental implant seems to be more dominant. To know which one is more appropriate for you, please visit Minh Khai dental clinic to have careful check-up and consultation with our experienced doctors.