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Implantation process

Implantation process is complicated and requiring surgery procedure that only well-qualified and skilful doctors can perform. Despite the highest success rate, many strict requirements must be met, such as: implant material quality, bone grafting material quality (if any), qualification and experience of surgeon. Knowledge about implantation process helps alleviate patients’ anxiety and fear. First important step: Consultation. Careful check-up and X-rays (or CT) assist your dentist to evaluate your general oral status, especially missing teeth areas. You should inform your dentist about any medical conditions and any medications you take. After all evaluation, dentist will consult thoroughly:

  • Are you a good candidate for dental implant surgery?
  • How many do implants need to be placed?
  • Is your jawbone qualified for implant surgery?
  • Is bone grafting surgery required?
  • How long does it take to have dental implant completed?

A small note is on the day of implant surgery, you should prepare properly, such as: keep your mind calm, have a snack; blood sugar, blood pressure or cardiovascular must be under control to ensure the success of surgery.

Implantation process involves 3 main stages:

Stage 1: Place implant into the jawbone This stage is regarded to be the most decisive in dental implant procedure. Downtime after surgery varies depending on your health and which type of dental implant technique.

  • If many implants are placed or bone grafting, sinus lifting surgery is performed simultaneously, you may need 2-3 days to recover
Multiple implants require more time to recover
Multiple implants require more time to recover
  • If only 1 implant is placed, you can work as usual, but avoid hard work. Most of time should be spent on self-care and rest.
Osseointegration - Implant integrates with jawbone
Osseointegration – Implant integrates with jawbone

Stage 2: Osseointegration – Healing time

It takes around 3-6 months for the implant to integrate with jawbone. Once the titanium implant post is placed in your jawbone, a process called osseointegration occurs. In this time, the jawbone unites with the dental implant. The anchor that literally becomes a part of your body provides a firm foundation for your prosthesis.

Stage 3: Place dental prostheses on the abutment (3 weeks after osseointegration) Dental implants support a wide range of prostheses that replace single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth or even all missing teeth on your jaw.

Why you should get implantation process at Minh Khai Dental clinic?

Besides implant quality, crucial factors to success of dental implant procedure are qualification, skill and experience of doctor. With historical development in 20 years, Minh Khai Dental clinic is proud to be a prestigious leader in dental implant dentistry in Vietnam with the best experienced doctor team. We are also well known for wide range of state-of-art dentistry equipment, material imported directly from Europe. All effort is only for one core purpose: Ensure the best results for all of Minh Khai’ s patients, help regain your self-esteem and uttermost satisfaction.