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What you should know before and after teeth whitening

  1. If you want to whiten your teeth, the best place to start is with a healthy mouth. This means all teeth problems must be diagnosed and treated before whitening procedure. Otherwise, you could experience discomfort.
  2. Dentin naturally yellows over time. 
  3. Teeth whitening results vary between human because of difference in enamel/dentin structure of people or unknown chemical reactions. Some normal teeth whiten dramatically, while others only achieve minor whitening improvement. Statistics indicates that 95% of people get their teeth a few shades brighter, the other 5% fail to achieve the desired brightness. People whose teeth do not respond well to whitening procedure are prone to teeth staining.  
  4. Difference in teeth mineralization results in uneven tooth color after bleaching. This case must be carefully followed up and advised by the doctors.
  5. Whitening treatments work only on natural tooth enamel, not on crowns, veneers, bonding materials or tooth-colored fillings. Old dental crowns, veneers… can be replaced after teeth whitening
  6. Filling restoration must fully cover the portion of your tooth. Otherwise, exposed dentin should be covered. Sensitive tissues must be protected or treated before whitening. Tooth decay, filling exposure, tooth wear,… should be treated thoroughly to prevent discomfort for patients.
  7. Many previous whitening in-office treatment cases show that your teeth get whiter in 12-24 hours after bleaching procedure, then the whiteness reduces a little and stays stabily
  8. Dental experts claim that two weeks after bleaching procedure is the best time for any tooth filling, because all bleaching subtances are totally released from dentin and enamel, which can prevent adhesive ability of composite.
  9. Dentist’s strict observation during the whitening procedure is extremely important
  10. Some heavy stains on the teeth do not respond to bleaching agents. Opalustre can be used for gentle mechanical abrasion to support the whitening procedure.

Food/ Drink must be strictly avoided during 24 hours after whitening

  • Tea, coffee, red wine, any dark-colored drinks
Tea, coffee or other dark-colored drinks should be avoided after whitening
Tea, coffee or other dark-colored drinks should be avoided after whiteningChili sauce, mustard, tomato sauce, soybean sauce


  • Tobacco 
Smoking can cause your teeth prone to staining
Smoking can cause your teeth prone to staining
  • Lipstick
  • Any thing that can leave stains on white shirts

What food and drink can I use during 24 hours after whitening?

  • Drink: milk, pure water, soda without coloring. 
  • Fruit: banana, apple
  • Bread: white bread, white-powder bread