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Natural Toothache Relief

If you have a toothache and can’t take pain relief, there are several natural methods you can rely on to reduce the pain.

ngậm nước muối chữa đau răng

Rinse with salt water

Salt is natural disinfectant that can be found easily at home.

You can simply add a half or a full tea spoon of salt into a glass of pure water and stir it until the salt totally incorporates into the water

Rinsing with salt water 4-5 times every day not only reduces inflammation, swelling but also keeps your teeth strong.





chữa đau răng bằng clove oil

Clove Oil:

Clove is a natural oil that may provide effective pain relief. You can easily find clove oil in any drugstore with a reasonable price.

You can apply a very small amount to a cotton pad or tissue, then place directly on the affected area and leave it for several minutes. This method  works especially when you get a deep cavity.







Grab a Pillow:

Keep your head higher than your body at all times. When you sleep or lie, a wedge-shaped pillow or a stack of several pillows will support you to keep your head up. This way prevents the change in blood gradients to your head worsening the pain.






Chườm lạnh chữa đau răng

Keep the Area Cold:

An ice pack or plastic bag with ice work great as well in order to reduce the pain.

To keep the bag not too cold, you can put a little water in with ice and place it on your pain area.