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Tips to detect bad breath

Bad breath makes people feel embarrassed and unconfident when communicating. It is also a warning alert of your oral health status. It is easy to smell bad breath from others while realizing your bad breath is quite difficut. Below are 5 ways help you know if you are having bad breath or not only with familiar items:

1. Blow in an empty glass

You can blow from distance of 2-3 cm to an empty clean glass a couple of times. Then you can test by smelling the glass.

2. Use dental floss

Gently slide the floss between your teeth for a couple of times. After that, smell with your nose. This is an easy tip to check your breath and also remind you to floss at least 2 times/ day to remove food articles, prevent plaque build-up – which are enemies to fresh breath

3. Nylon package

Instead of a glass as the first tip, blowing in a nylon package is also a good way to detect your bad breat

4. Inox spoon

Tongue is home to billions of bacteria, which originates bad breath. Use the spoon to gently scrub your tongue is a simple way that you can apply




5. Disposable mask

Inhale and exhale many times when you are wearing a disposable mask. Then take it off and check your breath smell.