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Fending off Bad Breath

Bad breath is not simply the obstacle in communication, it is a considerable matter of health. Fighting the bad breath helps improve one’s self-esteem and simultaneously keeps one’s health away from many diseases. So what’s the best solution to bad breath? It depends on the cause of bad breath

Bad breath due to poor oral hygiene practice

Some simple advice to stop the bad breath that you can take:

  • Maintain thorough daily oral hygiene with brushing after every meal, flossing at least twice, tongue scraping to eliminate potential causes
  • Regular professional cleaning at dental office
  • Use supplementary mouthwash for bad breath indicated by dentist

Bad breath caused by tooth decay

In this case, there is no better solution than treating the tooth decay.

Early tooth decay can be radically cured with a filling

If tooth decay penetrates into the deepest layer – dental pulp, endodontic treatment may be involved to save your natural tooth and stop bad breath immediately

Bad breath caused by gum diseases

Gum diseases are common causes of bad breath which may bother majority of adults. Accompanied with bad breath are some related symptoms, such as: gum bleeding, swelling… Professional cleaning is a basic treatment to help stop the gum disease, fending off the bad breath. If gum disease is in advanced stage, more complicated treatment methods may be indicated to save your gum and ward off bad breath.

Prevent bad breath

Remember that: Prevention is better than cure. Below notes will increase your self-esteem with fresh breath

  • Brush after every meal to keep bacteria away from your mouth
  • Floss your teeth to dislodge any food particles
  • Rinse with mouthwash
  • Have your teeth professionally cleaned by the dentist regularly every six months
  • Regularly visit dental office to keep oral health under control
  • Stop smoking, avoid smelly food
  • Take in supplementary medicine prescribed by dentist to prevent bad breath
  • Drink water. Never skip your meal. Eat sugar-free chewing gum or small snacks (avoid sweetened food) between meals to stimulate salivary flow